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TEDxHKPolyU Annual Talk

The final TEDxHKPolyU Talk of the Year, with 7 speakers coming to join us all having the value of "Pioneering" in their field.

3rd TEDxHKPolyU Salon

We would be having Time Auction's Fion Leung and SuetYi Wong come share their story with us and their story behind Time Auction.

What it's like to be a Data Scientist

It is our pleasure to have Michal Szczecinski, the Head of Analytics and Data Scientist at GoGoVan to illustrate the secret of data in the business field, including its impact, utilization, and epitome of a data analysts' daily work.

TEDxHKPolyU 2nd Workshop

If you want to live a colorful and fruitful life in university, come to TEDxHKPolyU 2nd Workshop and hear the story of one of the most distinguished PolyU graduates!

1st TEDx Salon

Kevin believes designers are capable and has the responsibility to protect the environment through sustainable designs, that is to balance three interconnected domains: ecology, economics, and society.